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IT Network Security

  • Maximum security measures to keep your company safe from cybercrime.

    Today, your company is facing greater threats to its security than ever before: spam, phishing, viruses, malware and a multitude of malicious hackers. To protect your organization, we provide comprehensive IT Network Security Services and a team of experts who are dedicated to fighting cybercrime and who are focused on protecting your clients’ data and privacy.

    To enable effective security measures our engineers are vendor-agnostic, meaning that we can work in many environments and that we can build solutions based solely on your business objectives and desired outcomes.

    Our Network Security Process includes:

    • Assessment of network vulnerabilities with existing hardware and software
    • Recommendations on firewall solutions for existing network infrastructure
    • Configuring and deploying a firewall for new and existing networks
    • Secured firewall and security system to protect network from unauthorized access
    • Continuously updated managed anti-virus and malware protection
    • Real-time 24/7 system and network monitoring to eliminate threats before they affect the company
    • Spam filtering to block and quarantine suspicious emails that might contain viruses or malware
    • Mobile device protection to access business data without compromising security on smartphones and tablets
    • Web-content filtering to prevent employees from browsing inappropriate and unsecured websites

    We ensure that we deliver the most effective solution by undertaking in-depth compliance, governance, and security analyses. With our Network Security Services, we can deliver the security you need to protect your organization from cybercrime and to be in full compliance with all required industry rules and regulations.

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